LightLab Artist: Sinead Wheeler

Sinead is a Crewe based artist working with projection, light and 3D elements.

Artist statement

I work with photography, projection, light, and sculptural or constructed elements, creating  work which is often immersive, time-based, performative and interactive. I create photographs and also use found or sourced photography and imagery, and use projection to activate images and space.

I use light both as a tool for projection and as an element in its own right with its own qualities and connotations, often using timers, motion sensors and other means of choreographing light, to make  work which shifts with time and with outside interaction. I enjoy the seductive and transgressive or playful potential of working with light in dark spaces, and the qualities of photographic images around nostalgia, ‘scripted reality’, and shared or personal memory.

My work has a sense of spectacle, within the confines of a given space, and also a good helping of humour and human emotion – it may be conceptual in instigation and development but I want it to be approachable and enjoyable in its final execution and reception.

Sinead says:

“I’m really excited by this opportunity as it is an ideal fit for the sort of work I make and the way I work, and the fact that Crewe is my home town – I feel a strong loyalty to it, and would love to contribute something to its cultural life and communities. I work with photography, light and projection alongside constructed and sculptural elements (also performance work and events), with a strong sense of audience interaction and engagement. To date my work has been developed as site-responsive, or ‘stand alone’ within galleries and found spaces, but I am really excited by the potential to develop new work fully in the public realm for a broad audience.

The Lumen LightLab programme presents a great opportunity for me to learn from established artists, arts professionals and commissioning bodies, to feed into what I create, with the potential of valuable support following on to bring new work to completion.”

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Thanks to our funders

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