LightLab Artist: Jodie Gibson

Jodie makes innovative, cross-artform work for the public realm. She is motivated by the potential of people, both individually and collectively, to create extraordinary shared moments, illuminate new ways of thinking and build connections.

Her work is often formed through collaboration, co-production and shared ownership, informed by many years working in participatory settings, and is concerned with social change, co-production and the reimagination of places, spaces and hidden stories that offer new ways of seeing and experiencing the world and ourselves in it.

Jodie has strong connections with Crewe from her 10 years as Director (Performance) of Axis Arts Centre and also Artistic Director of Spare Parts an Outdoor Arts programme that features at transport, heritage, science and community festivals across five North West Towns, including Crewe.

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Jodie says:

“Lumen LightLab is a brilliant opportunity for me to learn from some of the country’s leading professionals in the light festival field. Although light has played an instrumental part in many recent pieces of work I’ve created, learning about how this translates to artwork specifically made for Light Night events will be hugely insightful. This training and support package from Crewe Town Council will certainly help inspire fresh thinking, new ways of working and the potential to generate future collaborations.”

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