LightLab Artist: Oliver Bragg

Oliver’s multimedia practice encompasses a vast array of forms, design, sculpture, as well as, language and performance. He maps a view of the world that teeters between the banal and fantastic, reality and fiction and the natural and manmade. Ideas often sit between the everyday and fantastical alternative universes that have their own aesthetic or abstract logic. He searches for a glimpse of magic or something that may work if things were slightly rearranged or rethought.

Oliver was recently selected to take part in the 2020 Sculpture in the city open air exhibition in London (now 2021) and is also realising a new public art commission in Middlesbrough. He was awarded the ARTE/Cutlog prize, France in 2012 for the ‘originality and pertinence of work, evolution potential and the coherence of creation’. He has exhibited throughout the UK and internationally and took part in the ‘Holiday In’ residency programme organised by Gasworks (London), Triangle France (Marseilles) and CAC (Vilnius). He has a BA (hons) Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art

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Oliver says:

“I am interested in light as an exciting art form. In previous work (see image below) I took a mobile phone auto-correct for the word Hackney and turned it into a welcome sign incorporating graffiti and neon.

In my work in the public realm I have used humour to communicate ideas, eg ‘In Loving Memory’, a bench plaque project (see images). Using light, as an art form, I would like to continue this approach and provide thought provoking musings or humorous and unexpected spectacles.”

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