LightLab Artist: Neil Puttick

Neil Puttick creates playful live encounters and experiences that people can take part in. Recently he mobilised Macclesfield to produce the Barnaby #HomemadeParade with participants making a parade “from the comfort of their own home”.

Other highlights include filling a motor showroom with 30,000 My Little Ponies, organising a large-scale immersive Prison Escape game and turning the underside of a motorway into a multi-sensory experience. His works use “Loose Parts” theory to transform the everyday into “other temporary worlds” – seeing how location, objects and people can combine together to trigger our imagination and reach states of ‘deep play’.

Neil is looking for catalysts: ‘chain reactions of compelling and unfolding experiences’ for people to take their own experiences to the next level.

Neil has extensive experience training people in ‘invisible theatre’ and live art: teaching art collectives, university and communities groups to creating experiences.  He is a graduate of Drama from University of Bristol and Art from University of West of England

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Neil says:

“I’m really pleased to be part of the Lumen LightLab group visiting Blackpool and working with some of the best in the business. I can’t wait to work with other local artists creating light-art together, sharing skills, tips and tricks and forging connections with artist communities across Cheshire East.”

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