LightLab Artist: Lorna Ellen

Lorna’s proposal for a Forest of the Future  made from recycled materials has been chosen to receive development funding to make the full scale piece as well as mentoring support.

Lorna says:

“Visiting Blackpool and taking part in the Lumen LightLab programme has given me a new-found appreciation for light. As something I previously overlooked in my everyday life, discovering how light is being used in unique ways to create beautiful artwork has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities the medium can offer me as a creative.

Learning from professionals in the light festival industry and sharing my ideas with them, has also been an extremely valuable experience in teaching me new ways of developing my own practice!”

Lorna Ellen exhibition board

About Lorna

Lorna Ellen is a Cheshire based creative who produces a variety of work, including art installations/sculptures, theatre sets and displays for merchandising, with a specific focus on creative reuse.   A large part of her creative identity is recycling and recreating materials into something new, and is interested to develop this concept further through light-art.

She is passionate about the environment and its inhabitants, with the majority of her work highlighting the issues our planet is currently facing, but also hopes that her creations inspire people of all ages to creatively reuse items within their own homes.

Her store display concept ‘RECREATE’, was short-listed in the 2019 Creative Conscience Awards.

Lorna says:

“As a recent graduate I applied to the Lumen LightLab programme to continue my artistic growth and take the next step in my career. Learning from experienced light-art professionals and being given the chance to exhibit at Lumen 2020 is a unique opportunity, which I am extremely grateful to participate in.”

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Thanks to our funders

Lumen LightLab has been funded by a Project Grant from Arts Council England  and match funding from the Cheshire East Council Cultural Framework fund.  We are very grateful for their support and without these funds the programme would not be possible.

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