LightLab Artist: David Jewkes

David’s idea of the Connected Carousel has been chosen to receive development funding to make a scale model and mentoring support. 

Local firm Bombardier have kindly offered to assist with technical drawing and advice on fabrication, and may use it as an exercise for their apprentices. 

This is a complex build, with moving parts, so a scale model is a necessary first step towards understanding what is needed to make the full size version.

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David Jewkes exhibition board


By David Jewkes

This two-day trip to the home of Light Art was, excuse the pun, the highlight of my year.
It was a wonderful opportunity to be allowed to glimpse behind the magic of the famous illuminations. I was intrigued by the amount of thought and work that goes into each light sculpture. felt really special to be able to tour the factory. I will never look at the illuminations in the same way again.

It was amazing that it could go ahead during the Tier 3 restrictions but, our trip proved that with careful thought and consideration, life can go on during the pandemic.

At no time did I feel worried about my safety as social distancing was strictly adhered to.

It also felt good that we could be helping the wonderful, unique Art B&B, by giving them some business during these tough times. (I plan to go back once these Covid-19 restrictions are lifted).

It has been hard to be a self-employed artist in 2020 in which most of my paid work has dried up.

However, this trip has given me lots of new ideas (as well as hope) of where I would like to take my career.

I found it really interesting to meet other artists and to see their work.

I found it immensely helpful with regard to submitting my proposal for the LightLab Commission. I learnt so much in those two-days.

About David

A Slade-trained fine artist based in Crewe, David delivers art workshops and during lockdown has moved the activity online, running live painting classes via Facebook live.  Often getting involved with Crewe events, David has a collaborative and enthusiastic approach, with the philosophy that the only limitation is your imagination.

David says:  “I value working on community art-based projects because they bring art to the people. They reach out to people from all walks of life, some who would be too afraid of visiting an art gallery. It shows that art is there for everybody regardless of class, race, gender, disability or age. This project is even more poignant in this present Covid-19 pandemic where people’s life experiences are being stretched beyond anyone’s imagination.”

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